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With the business covering the design of special chips for high and low-speed visible light communication, module development, Li-IOT ecological chain and big data-based multi-sensor network data service, SPECLE gathers advantages in the traditional industry, taking the lead in putting into the visible light communication field and rooting in the industry for more than nine years, which is an innovative science-and-technology enterprise dedicated to providing safe, healthy, smart and convenient high-quality intelligentized upgrade solutions and services.
Products and Services
Chip Design and Application
The core team consists of several well-known integrated circuit (IC) design experts at home and abroad, which has abundant circuit design experiences. In the development history for 9 years, several VLC Chips are developed.
Digital Chip
Simulation Chip
IOT Chip
Chip Design
Li-IOT Hardware
Based on the Li-IOT technology, the Li-IOT intelligent hardware system providing services and solutions for smart industry by featuring smart sensor, machine to machine interaction, big data processing and other new capacities of information technologies.
Li-IOT Smart Center
Li-IOT Light Switch
Li-IOT Socket
Other Intelligent Hardware
Li-IOT Cable/Connector
Li-IOT cables/connectors are mainly used for the connections of the visible light IOT system, featuring stable communication, no electromagnetic interference, and reliable connection. The system can provide active and passive optical fiber cables, optical fiber modules and connectors, optical fiber industrial control jumpers and other plastic optical fiber products as well as related application solutions.
Passive Li-IOT Optical Cable
Active Li-IOT Optical Cable
Li-IOT Connector
Li-IOT Service and Solution
Smart Home
The Li-IOT smart home solution centers on the health and safety of families. Based on the independently developed Li-IOT technology, the home information high-speed network is built by centralizing national technical advantages, and the home micro-environment smart perception network is built based on this network to combine different demands over each perception network with the application of big data at each dimension, thereby providing high-quality personalized data service for the family and individuals.
Smart Lighting
Environmental Monitoring
Safety Management
Home-Appliances Management
Alliance and Promotion
News and Media
Company News
国家工信部发布标号YD/T 3622-2019《低功耗短距离可见光通信技术要求》
Company News
Company News
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