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Li-IoT intellectualized service and solution
Smart Home
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Smart Home
The Li-IOT smart home solution centers on the health and safety of families. Based on the independently developed Li-IOT technology, the home information high-speed network is built by centralizing national technical advantages, and the home micro-environment smart perception network is built based on this network to combine different demands over each perception network with the application of big data at each dimension, thereby providing high-quality personalized data service for the family and individuals.
Smart Lighting
Smart Power Switch
Smart Dimmer Switch
Manual/Auto Switch Mode
Smart Lighting
Environmental Monitoring
Real-time Monitoring:Temperature,humidity and illuminance
Air Quality Index:Formaldehyde,carbon dioxide and dust particles
Smart Automation:Air conditioner,air purifier and humidifier
Environmental Monitoring
Safety Management
Real-time Fire Monitoring
Automatic Alarm and Execution
Safety Guarantied without Manual Intervention
Safety Management
Home-Appliances Management
Smart Socket: Plug-and-play, without network pairing
Smart Sensing Equipment: Customized sensor products, such as air box and outdoor index sensors
Smart Valve: Customized control valves, such as air valve, water valve and electric valve
Home-Appliances Management
Actual case: Smart Home Pilot Project of Caiyunhu Community, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing City
Smart Home Pilot Project of Caiyunhu Community, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing City themed as health and safety. Integrating with the independently developed Li-IOT Internet of Things protocol technology, it has the characteristics of simple deployment, low cost and strong anti-jamming capability, making smart perception become suddenly multipoint perception with high reliability from the traditional single perception, and providing smart big data service for home in conjunction with the home broadband technology for the bandwidth requirements in the next decade, thereby achieving the effective management of household Internet of things.
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